Photo Art Gallery

Born out of frustration over the fact that pictures of quality need not be expensive, on February 1, 2016 Photo Art Gallery founded: an online platform with affordable photography by established photographers and talented newcomers.

The idea is simple. Photo Art Gallery sells signed and numbered photos in limited edition (10) in the same size (30x45cm), and always framed (black or white list). A photo is that way after purchase a unique property of each buyer and more valuable over the years because after 10 prints there wil be no more prints made for sale.

At the present, already seven photographers attached and short-term Expands Photo Art Gallery this number out. Every photographer is unique, has its own theme and more important: a personal story behind the photo.


The quality of the photos are always first class and are only produced by a professional photo lab. The prints are printed on high quality paper with incredible color and shine.

Like the conventional method with of a dark room, images are exposed onto light-sensitive material. The photographic material is exposed to three lasers: red, green and blue. And just as before the highlighted material is then developed and fixed. The result of this classic photochemical process is stunning grid of charge.

C-Print / Profprint: represents an exposure technique of excellence.


How relevant is a small edition run of 10 copies? What is my issue now worth? These are questions that are often asked to us. specializes in limited edition and autographed photos, as only these editions may be included in the art and have the status of authorized by the artist and certified these original value.

Packaging and delivery

We ship the Photo Art Gallery photos in a special art package.
Once your artwork is shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation email.
Our parcel service partner takes care of the delivery to home. The delivery of the artwork at a service point is not possible. If you are not home when the package is delivered, then the courier leaves a message with the option to make a new appointment.