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Andy Tan

The Amsterdam photographer Andy Tan was born in sunny Indonesia, where he started to take pictures at a very young age by his father, who always had a camera with him. Today, Andy creates incomplete fantasies that give the viewer the freedom to interpret the images in their own way. Snapping the world around him as his life with passion, laidback vibe and high energy makes him the favorite for many photographers.

Maurice Dahan

The camera that I love is not a camera, it’s my time machine. She and I created a long series of wanderings and adventures. She is able to stop time and anyone can testify to a visual re-entry in a frozen moment. If I am traveling with her, it is clear to me that life, rather can be monotonous and dull, bright and amazing. This makes me able to make things even more challenging, to experience new places, to visualize stories. I always jump into the unknown, in search of new images: images for the love of what I see.


A Japanese photographer grew up in China now living in Amsterdam. A special man who makes is known by its unknown  only by his pictures he gives a glimpse into his life. He photographs everything really, anything goes. You never see him without a camera, if you see him without his camera then there is something wrong. The photos on this site are just a small selection from the large private collection that are not public.

Iwein Maassen

Photography is my game, the world is my playground. With this in his mind Iwien now travels around the world, for several years, looking at the beautiful spots to offer this earth. But not every picture is worth a thousand words. For several Dutch magazines he make his articles on various topics. In recent years he has expanded its portfolio of complete concepts, and production of sponsored magazines. His first coffee table book The Contemporary Cruise (Thames and Hudson, London / New York) is published worldwide. It has been translated into Danish, German and French. He recently released his second book, Floating luxury published (Lannoo, Tielt) in Dutch and English. He also works as a professional commercial photographer commissioned by different companies and advertising agencies in the Netherlands.

Robert Peek

In his daily work Robert Peek has spent years working on fashion, advertising- and product photography for various international clients. The beautiful light he use is his trademark.

At least as much as appreciation there is for personal work made during his travels through Europe, the US and China. Often the focus is on the solitude to be found in deserted areas but also at busy locations such as shops, restaurants and (flea) markets. This provides “real-life” images with a rawness that sometimes perceived as melancholy is certainly when it comes to his portraits.